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Installment plan
for medium-large pieces 

You deserve any piece you fall in love with...sooooo, we want to make damn sure you get any piece that you connect with and want in your space…that’s because it’s YOUR piece, I want you to have it. It brings me so much joy when you connect with my work, so I created a way to make it happen that’s centered around you and your lifestyle. If that means doing payment installments to pay for it we are 100% able to support that (without added interest/fees/BS). We know for damn sure we aren’t  in the business of telling folks they cant have a piece that they fall in love with. 


Sounds good but how does it work? 


You found your painting the one you want to go in your home forever but you don't want to tie up all that cash in one chunky payment...but that’s not a reason not to secure the piece for let’s get creative. 


  1. Email me the name of the painting description ex: “Man in Hat 347”, how much you want to put down “$ X down” and how much you can do per month “$ X /month” 

  2. I’ll write you back to confirm,  put the piece on hold for you and send off the first payment. 

  3. You’ll be automatically charged monthly and sent a receipt 

  4. When everything's paid including shipping + taxes, we will ship it to you to put in its forever place.

Things happen, if you can no longer make payments your total amount paid can be applied to another piece of artwork. 

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