You asked for them…ok it was actually my mom and dad (Linda & George) or Yaya and Papa…regardless, we are delivering. LG Cowboy Koozies, AYYYYYYEEEE!That’s right, we are upping our Koozie game (as much as I loved wrapping my cold ones with paper towels we knew we had a space to improve; waste less; keep things colder; and well if you haven’t got a tattoo yet this is a way to brand yourself into the wildly supportive LG art crew.The koozies are black featuring one of our favorite bandits.  Keep your beer cold and your paws warm, and your reputation for owning a mini magic piece game strong. Get some for yourself…OR get your buddy/baby/bad ass parents a couple<<<I did. Daughter of the year award. Bonus Points…if I spot you sporting the LG koozie in the wild (at a bar, your home, back alleys, and/or any major highway (just kidding don’t drink and drive kids) you might be getting a free 16x20” cowboy. Love a good game..with a plot twist. Cheers and happy LG Koozie hunting!

LG Koozie