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Hey my little sugar cubes.

I just landed in Dallas/FtWorth from Turks & Caicos (can you believe it I took a full vacation...we haven't had a full non-working vacation since we have been together and i don't know if Magen has ever had one and my last one was spring break 99’ lol! I absolutely wasted no time getting a certified “I'm a pale person on a beach” sunburn and rented one of those motorized surfboards so I could repeatedly bruise my own ego. 


What the hell have you guys been up to??!?!?


I wanted to catch you up on a few things that have happened since the last launch. Lots of traveling and events lately (we took advantage of the twins going to their dad’s to travel and get some shit knocked out it has been DOUBLE TIME)

Things I’ve been up to:

YETI: I already told you but I will say it again because this one had me so excited, YETI headquarters reached out and wanted to feature me. I painted 40 limited edition LG art/YETI ramblers.


I also got to do a live painting in the cherry creek store and sold a piece (I donated the entire sale to the Captains for Clean Waters charity. Please go check them out...keeping our water resources healthy.

LA: Magen and I took a trip to LA and I got a LG art tattoo on my arm. My first ever tattoo; felt like i was a poser knowing so many others are getting LG art tattoos and i didnt have any hah! The tattoo artist said “no pressure, I am only tattooing the artist’s art on the artist”. He did an amazing job so if anyone wants to get a tattoo ticket and get some ink i have the guy for you!

I also did some live in store paintings for our dear friends over at Oui Beach Studio (in Redondo Beach) 4 pieces sold while we were there and the beach vibe is so strong there…


HOUSTON: Fege’s BBQ (pronounced like Regis but with an F)...if you are in houston stop what you are doing and go now. This bad ass duo Erin Smith & Patrick Fege’s commissioned me to do trio cowboy mural and an interior 96”x96” cowboy for their brand new Spring Branch location. I flew down to Houston in June to do this mural and to hear some live music for the first time since the start of the pandemic. They opened Father’s day weekend and had a line out the door. Beyond how delicious their BBQ is these two are doing all the good in the community so go give them some love.

DALLAS/FT WORTH: YALLLL the brand spanking new Drover Hotel at the entrance of the stockyard’s is hosting me for a meet the artist evening open to the public and a private/ticketed event supporting ACH Child and Family Services charity. The mayor of FT Worth is going to be there if any of you need me to tell or ask her anything ;) Again I am so stoked to support this charity and get some time at the hotel that houses some of my work permanently in their restaurant. 

In this series:

I focused on bandits this series and may have snuck in a couple of cowboys but again I wanted to do an entire series that felt like a gang of good guys (maybe some bad boys too). For the most part these bandits have bandanas over their faces or eye patches...I had a blast making them and there are some things on these bandits i’ve never done before for example the x’s on some of the bandana etc. 


I had the founding member of the CCC ask this and I figured I would put the response here: 

How do I become a lifetime Cowboy Country Club Member?

We now have LIFETIME membership for the Cowboy Country Club it includes lifetime membership for CCC member and (3) 36x48” paintings, (2) bandanas, (2) LG art YETIs this membership lasts for the entirety of my life...which may be 1 more year or 50 (it’s a total gamble) it’s 10K which you make back with the commissioned pieces, access to new pieces and all of years in the club.

Ok that’s it for now. All the love in the world